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Now, I finally say, NO!

I will go straight to the point.  I was supposed to get laid, but things did not augur well.  After more than 2 years, I thought it's time to give myself some earthly pleasures. It's not that I am sex-starved guy. Those who follow my blog, you know what I mean.  But there comes a time when you hanker for something different.

I admit by I become cheap when I confess that I only seek gratification from M2M sex by watching online porn. (Tip:, which has been my company for some months now, and I gratify myself by masturbation.  How pathetic could it be!  Yes it is.

But as I say, I am not without sex. But you know it is a different thing with my special someone.  It is always special to make love to someone you love most.  But I will not get into that detail because I respect our sexual relationship.

Anyway, back to the failed sexual encounter, I would say I am not totally happy with what happened. I am sure he is gonna read this.  But I will, in due time, tell more about it.  Not this time.  I would rather let the rage subside a bit so that I can be objective enough to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. 

Anyway, I have decided to really call it quits--I mean meeting new guys.  If ever I would do it again, I would have to do "it" with a trusted and tested fubu who I am comfy with.  So I also shut down my PR.  As I have mentioned in my previous blog about PR, gays in PR now have become a new breed or shall I say, mutant.  Pardon me, but hooking up in PR has become a totally different experience.  No more vanilla.  Just plain hook ups.  It is just so sad, when you want to meet some people whom you think will understand you and stand by you, sila pa ang manggagago sa 'yo.  Nakakatakot!  Ahhh...gays!

Anyway, I am happy the way I am now.  I will not definitely die without having M2M sex.  Sex at the other side of the fence is still going great!  So why should I ask for something I already have?

Okay, enough with this direct to the point-no holds barred blog entry.  It just feels liberating when you write about it.

Finally, I want to say...#$%^&()))_!  LOL! (finally!)...isn't it liberating?


  1. Natawa naman ako dito... "gays in PR now have become a new breed or shall I say, mutant"

  2. can feel your frustration. hope you're ok.

  3. @Xall Perce, indeed. I may sound bitter but that is the reality. Hehehe.

    @Sean, I think it is more of exasperation rather than frustration...

  4. aaaaay, ganun ba ka-bad yugn experience?


  5. @ EW, hindi naman. alam mo yung nakakainis na gusto mong sumapak ng tao, pero di mo kayang gawin because you have self restraint and self-respect?

  6. parang gusto kita ma-experience sir.


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