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One Friday Afternoon at the Mega Strip

Image via WikipediaIt was a Friday and was not just the perfect day to hang out and have fun with your friends. What?! With the incessant rains that drench your mood and spirit, would you care to go out? Besides, my colds was so terrible and my headache was killing me. But I had to drag myself to work in the afternoon. Thanks to Decolgen and Ponstan that I was relieved before lunch time that gave me the reason not to miss my date with Rikiboy.

Meeting Rikiboy was indeed a very pleasant experience. It was not my first gay date, of course. But I must also say that it is one of the very few gay dates I have had, since I still have this awkward feeling whenever I go out on a date with a man, unless he is my straight barkada.

So, we met at the Mega Strip after work. We also talked about our work, our families, kids, and whatever comes out of our minds. And we talked about men, and those men who pass by.

I must admit I was not really comfortable meeting or dating men I really do not know. I…