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At the Tip of the Iceberg

Sigmund Freud, Image via WikipediaI CONSIDER myself to be an adventurer. Not on the physical side. I am a seeker, an adventurer in my mind. There are a lot of things I have written, mostly based on experience but I would still like the idea of writing that is coming from sheer imagination and mind travels into the world that belongs to us—gays.

Now that I have not been active living a gay life, I just content myself with some simple imaginings only I could explore and dreams I could cherish and dwell upon.

I dreamt of actually hooking up with a hunky and handsome taxi driver, who happens to be a gaybar ledge dancer at night, and of course paying him hefty sum good for one hour of sheer earthly pleasure.

One night, I dreamt of being so jealous of the man who happens to be an ex of my supposedly girlfriend, only to find out that he is one hell of a ruggedly handsome hunk. I begun to hate him for he keeps on teasing me and he knows my girlfriend and that we would not last long beca…

Passing Through

I THOUGHT he would not give in to my incessant request for an eyeball. I met him through the net and when I had the chance to travel in one of the cities in the south where he lives, I thought that meeting him would be a great idea. At first, he was hesitant. He said he had some very personal reasons why we should never meet. I told him it’s just a dinner and I was not expecting anything romantic or sexual to happen. After all, I am way below his Hispanic looks. He looks really stunning in his picture. He was hesitant. Finally, he said he is on the big side that is why. So I told him, I am not guwapo like him, so what should be the problem? And I told him that it is okay if he is not comfy meeting me. After a few minutes, I guess my charm had him agree to meet me at 7 pm that day. So he picked me up at a little past 7 PM from the hotel then we went through this cozy grill restaurant and ordered tangigue steak and veggie (because he avoids pork).

The conversation really wen…