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In my many out-of-town business trips I have never really played attention to the goings on inside the plane, especially the flight crew. Sure, the guys looked handsome and the ladies were equally gorgeous. Early morning trips were so taxing that as soon as I have taken seat, I would doze off to sleep even before the plane has taken off, and only to wake up on air turbulence. Sometimes, I would wake up to see my snacks already on my tray table neatly laid out either by my seatmate or the steward or the stewardess. Many times, after taking my snack, I would still close my tired eyes and wait for the plane to land. Flying seemed like a boring daily rut.

Last month in one of my trips in the south, I was able to negotiate with my supervisor that I would take the afternoon flight the day before my conference the next day instead of taking the early morning flight. Besides, that was my way escaping from my work (As if I could escape from it, anyway. Smile.), and most importantly, to get awa…