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Friday! I'm in love!

Hindi na puwede.  I have put a limit to myself.  I told myself hindi na muli akong iibig pa at paiibiging muli.  But tao lang ako.  Marupok. Malibog.

Minsan-minsan lang ako napapaibig at umiibig sa katulad nila. 

Helicopter issue!

Every Filipino is affected by the helicopter/ chopper issue involving the former first gentleman.  I just wish everything will be settled soon.  Yeah, I don't want to get affected so much with this issue. All I wanted is to see for myself if the PNP helicopters are really second-hand...In the meantime, I searched the internet and found this what they are talking about?

Monday madness: Eric Dane

I was watching Valentines Day movie on HBO yesterday and found this delicious hunk!

Big mistake!

Warning: This blog entry contains a story about a pechay--again!  Read at your own risk.

Scene 1: I flirted.  Period.  paki basa na lang, po for the background info.

Scene 2: I invited her to join me in my hobby.  She agreed, and we met at a designated place somewhere in Manila.  It's not a motel, by the way.  So mali ang akala nyo. Hehehe.  Everything went well for that day.  Happy naman sya, and after that, she sent me this text message thanking me for introducing to the group and that my gesture daw made her day and made her happy, chuva, ek ek...Gheez! Sounds creepy to me!

Matter-of-factly, I replied, "You are welcome."  Nothing more.  No feelings attached.