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2 years and 7 months

...are the number of years and months that I haven't had sex with a guy!

You may not believe it, but it is true.  I have stopped getting emotionally involved more than 4 years ago, and I allowed myself to vanish from the gay circles more that two years ago. Sex is very much a part of me, and sex with men adds spice to my otherwise heterosexual biological needs. 

This was a self-imposed hiatus and hibernation.  I do not know if I have to congratulate myself or not because from time to time, I still hanker for intimate moments with a man.  I may appear to be pathetic, but sometimes, I do not feel that way either.

Mr. G's ultimate crush

Many years ago, I have noticed a CNN reporter who was not only endowed  with physical attractiveness, but also the wit and wisdom.  I just find him so hot, gorgeous and admirable.  He is no other than:

Yes, CNN's Anderson Cooper!

Why is he my ultimate crush?

He has it between those ears.He has it between those ears.He has it between those ears.I could go on and on with my "list", LOL!  But that is what makes this man so attractive.  And one juicy part is that he is rumored to be gay and is in a relationship with an equally hot and rich gay mogul, Benjamin Maisani. Cooper does not give any comment on the rumors, though.

If that happens to me (I mean when I am rumored to be one), I would neither comment, deny, nor confirm.  Bahala na si Batman!

And....they are a hot couple, and I am *jealous!*

More photos HERE.

That 1 million dollar question

Image via WikipediaWhenever I meet some PLUs or should I say those who are close to me--intimately and emotionally, I make it a point to tell them I am married.  I do not want to fool them.  Then they begin to ask a question:

"When did you realize you are gay/bisexual? Before or after the marriage?"
Answering this question is like undergoing a revalida.  An answer leads to a battery of questions.  It was uncomfortable. Suddenly, I scamper and grope for theories or schools of thought on homosexuality. I, myself is at a quandary "when, what, who, how."

A letter from Badong

tImage via WikipediaDear Mr. G,

I am writing this letter to end all of your and the rest of the barkada's suspicions about me—that is being gay. I know, Mr. G, that you are always asking me if I have a girlfriend or not. Once, you even asked me if I have a boyfriend. I almost told you I had one, but was unsure of what you will say or think about me. I tell you now, I am gay. I hope you are not shocked.

Although I have had relationships with women/girls in high school and college, I always knew I was attracted to men—since elementary days. There is no denying that I slept with most of them. I mean it when I say now that I have had good sex with them. So to say, I was not homosexually active then.

Ang stalker ni Mr. G

Image via WikipediaOo naman!  Kahit panget ako, may stalker din!  Isa lang.  Ay dalawa pala!  Ka-buang pala!  Kakailanganin mo ang mala-CSI investigative prowess mo para malaman kung sino ang text nang text at kung bakit alam ang buong kaluluwa mo!  Sa isang gaya kong in-the-closet, nakakabaliw ang mangyari ito especially kung manggagaling sila sa work environment mo.

Stalker Number 1.

May I text nya ako. Sinabi nya na gusto nya ako, at gusto nya ako ma-meet! Alam nya kung saan ako nagwo-work at kung anu-ano ang pinaggagawa ko sa buhay!  Mabaliw-baliw ako sa kakaisip kung paano nya nalaman ang number ko.  Sabi nya, may nagbigay daw sa kanya.  Hindi ko pinatulan. Hindi na ako sumagot after kong syang tinanong about his knowledge of my phone number.  Pero makulet.  So inalam ko konti ang background nya without giving a hint of who I really am in terms of sexual preference.  Mahirap na. Delikado.  Baka mabawasan ang credibility at integrity ng lolo nyo.  Alam nyo naman sa kultura natin, n…

Old flame

He was with a guy who appears to be his boyfriend.  Let's call him "B".  in one corner, he was just quiet, and looked sad and forlorn that you want to wrap your arms around him to give him comfort.  In his loneliness, though, he still exudes that charm.  His soulful eyes captivated me.  His thin lips were inviting that I want press mine with his.

I chatted with him while the others were having a party inside the house.  It was just small talk and self introduction.  One thing led to another and we started burning the chat line. We exchanged stories of love and lost love.  We became cyber-friends.  I did not waste any time. I easily confessed my feelings for him.  I thought he was entertaining it too.  We agreed to meet one time to consummate what we have been "planning" to do.  But then, some circumstances at that time did not go well with us.  So we just had coffee and chatted for hours, until we parted ways.

Are you a good kisser?

If you think contact wrestling is kinky and hot, because of the glistening bodies rubbing against each other.  Watching the Ultimate Fighter can be very entertaining!  Why not, especially when there are scenes like this!

I believe I can fly!

I In my previous work, I travel a lot...hmmm not internationally, but locally.  I miss having encounters like THIS and THIS.  And how I wish to travel again and meat boys, too!.

Anyway, if I were to travel again, I would like to go to New Zealand and fly the Air New Zealand!

Let's see if the male flight crew, really, has nothing to hide!


While walking on the treadmill, I was approached by this short but cute and hunky trainer.  (Hawig kay Polo Ravales, pero slight lang.). He introduced himself, which I already forgot (geez, I need to look at his name plate again!).  You know I tend to forget names, and I try not to look at them in the eye while talking since they might find out I am lusting for interested in them. Let's just call him "Chinito Hunk". As a matter of courtesy, I introduced myself.  Of course you cannot fake your name in the gym since they have my records, and the gym is just 15-minute ride away from home.  So I cannot do anything hanky panky.

Anyway, he offered me the 15-fitness fix for the day (for those who are going to a particular gym, you know what I mean).   It was basically a combination of cardio exercises.

Then he asked me a question I definitely averse.

Texting epic fail!

Image via WikipediaI have been very careful in sending text messages, whether official and personal.  I have been wanting to hook up meet the guy I met 2 years ago.  So I kept on texting him, because he might have been busy, all along.  You know, he is a medical doctor, and you know how doctors are.

Anyway, here is my recollection of our text conversation:

Why does American Idol Season 10 tickle me?

These are the reasons why I am tickled and hooked to American Idol season 10!

Jovany Baretto is just so hot!  I want to lick hug, errr,,, envy his body!  I love the stubbles, which would definitely tickle....hihihihi! I love him even if he did not make it to the Top 13.

I don't like this feeling

Here I go again, mustering all the strength and courage to suppress this feeling.  I don't want this kind of excitement after I chatted with you in the net, and after we exchanged text messages.  I just do not want to anticipate.  I just do not want to jump into conclusions like there is "something" about it.

My Planet Romeo

Image via WikipediaI ranted earlier about this man who thinks he is Adonis.  So here is my blog on this not-so-good encounter in the net.

Two nights ago, I visited my Planet Romeo (PR) account, which I have not been using for the longest time.  I was trying to get in touch with somebody I met from Baguio City two years ago.  I thought that perhaps, it would be fun having dinner with him at Cafe by the Ruins again, and spend some intimate moment...again.  He is a matured and married guy like me, and very kind, romantic and caring.  And I am very fond of meeting up with guys of my own league.  Yeah, that's how married gay guys are!  LOL! And I do not blame young boys messaging me in PR and getting my attention that "even if they are young, they think very mature".  I ask no further explanation from them, and have some chitchat with them, instead.

Anyway, I tried to experiment a little.  I thought it would be nice if I post my sexy photo, and see the result.  In less than 3…

Some changes and updates

Yes, finally, I have come to terms to open this up to the public and I have even redesigned it to make it more catchy and hot.

But then, those sexy photos might not augur well for a reader who opens my blog in their offices or in internet cafes or in public wi-fi zones.  Dyahe, if somebody from your back would see an open tab with lusty photos here and there.  Haha.  So I just decided to pull them out (especially my uber sexy head banner), for your viewing convenience.  (As if many are reading this blog!).