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Showing posts from February, 2005

“Going in circles”….

Call it a rarity but it happened to me. Call it serendipity but its true and I am not kidding.

For a time, I have indulged myself in dating guys I met in the net. I don’t know the reason, but I seem to have come to a point that I felt so tired of my old ways. I realized I needed a break. A break will do, and I don’t really intend to give up the pleasures of meeting for some fun. (Smile.) For breaking the "habit" will entail a lot of effort on my part. (Smile again!) And I just hankered for friendships and enjoying their company. (It’s true! Believe me.).

Who would not love coffee, dinners, and endless talks? They are my aphrodisiac now. It is good to have met some “friends” from the net in flesh because I have reinforced my belief that there is more than having sex left and right and center and or bottom.

Last December, during the Christmas break, I met Mart and Den. Meeting them was a pleasant experience. The conversations were fine and it was nice having…