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Not another Jason

It’s been a long while since I have not written an article. I think the last one was “Going in circles” where I discussed about the serendipitous events last December and early this year.

In that article, I mentioned about meeting guys like Jason, Rob, Mel, Fil, Eman, Mart and Den. I mused with the fact that, in one way or another, we will meet people who happen to know people we know or who happen to be related to one another. That what happened to me was perhaps due to some celestial forces. “We meet people not because they are accidental. They have a purpose in our lives.” And I have realized the reason why they have come to my life. And I quote from that article:

“Reflecting on what has been happening to me, I realize their purpose in my gay life.

With Jason, I have learned how to love and let go of my feelings, yet be careful enough that you always keep your feet on the ground.

With Rob, Eman and Mel, I have learned that friendships in the net do exist, and giving it a chance wou…