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Closeted Gays and Closeted Minds

Image via WikipediaOne of my college buddies hinted in one of his emails about his sexual preference—that he is gay. Everyone seemed to be shocked at the disclosure. I myself could not believe it. Words of reassurance and acceptance from our girlfriends, though, have made the exchange of emails less tense. I, being a closet gay, felt discomfort with it that prompted me to send a text message that I was affected. (Bro, I hope you get to read this, if ever you are a member of this group. Please email me if you did.). He assured me I should not be affected. I said, “Okay, sinabi mo e.” End of discussion.

Still I was restless, and that time I thought of Buboi who could shed some light on what I feel. I told him about my dilemma that I could not believe it myself. Buboi even joked “Ayaw mo nun, pareho na kayo,” and something like “you can enjoy each other.” I jokingly replied to Buboi, “No, pare! It is like incest!”

I was restive the entire week. I guess I was really affected. But why?


Older men, Younger men - Part 2

Last week, I went to Shangri-la to scout for a digital camera at Level 6 stores.  When I was done, I saw two guys infront of the elevators.  The other man was well in his 40s and the other one was in his early 20s or even younger.  The younger guy was even sporting a hair “arrangement” that would scare the lizards out.  Definitely, they were not the case of a father and son, as I heard the older guy saying, “Let’s go, to my car.”  Besides, the younger guy, who was good enough to be his son, did not act like one.  “Hmmnnn! Interesting!” I thought.

That incident brought back one of my unforgettable experience in Baguio.  I was young and fresh from college, I found solace in watching the sun go down while sitting on the benches along the Burnham Lake.  At sundown, I decided to take a few rounds of stroll around the lake, and then returned to my bench when my feet got sore.  So while massaging my legs and twisting my ankles, a matured guy, sat beside me and introduced himself as a ban…

Older Men, Younger Men - Part 1

Two Sundays ago (July 7), I was on a business trip, which allowed me to start this reflection.   Originally, this article had a different story.  Although the original title was retained, my subconscious mind just flowed like a stream and I thought I ought to give myself one more time to reflect upon myself after my Baguio Vignettes; to challenge myself and draw a closure on something I have not dealt with for the past years.  I hope for your continued indulgence to my personal reflections.  And it is my prayer that somehow, I would still be able to touch your heart and tickle your mind…and perhaps empathize with me.
Reflections on a mirror

Last Saturday (July 6), I went to the gym to resume my workouts for the nth time.  The weather last month took its toll and left me with severe colds and cough, which prevented me from working out.  Feeling better this month, I told myself I have to resume my workouts to get back in shape and redeem my money’s worth.  Anyway, last Saturday was …

The Men in the Elevator

Half of feeling good about ourselves is in embracing our goodness and giftedness. The other half is in reconciling with our weaknesses and limitations. The crucial factor lies in our attitudes when we look into these dimensions of ourselves…While we do not have control over our lives’ circumstances, we are ultimately in control of our attitudes toward them—Earnest Tan, “How to Attract Love/ Living Life Fully)
The mere thought that the second object in the title is “elevator,” this article may sound kinky. I am a very observant person. I always pay attention to the people around me, especially in elevators despite the piercing eyes when they catch you “ogling” them. As days go by, you would become more familiar with the faces in the elevator. You would know who are in the same company or in groups, visitors (of course with their IDs), who gets off in what floor, who makes you laugh with their antics and even looks, and of course, those who attract you most.

How many times have I experi…