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“Can I invite you to my place?”

I got this message from my MySpace account. The guy was anonymous. He had neither picture nor any description about him. I was bent not to respond to this guy because he is simply anonymous. But courtesy dictates I had to respond. In fact, I hate people not responding to my text message or even private messages. Being so courteous enough, I responded “Why not?” After all, it has been a while since I have met new PLUs and it would not hurt if I would meet someone new after a hot coffee and a pleasant chat with a nice guy two Fridays ago.

All was set. I would go to his place. I will have a nice chat with him and get to know him better (and perhaps get laid. Smile!). It was supposedly last Friday.

However, some things did not augur well for me last Friday. Since Monday would be a Muslim holiday, we would need to make up for it by rendering some overtime work because we were rushing some materials for the upcoming board meeting. So at 5 PM, I took the court…

Text and Sex

>Mel is my cyber/text buddy. In one of our conversations in Chikka, we have discussed some of the concerns of PLUs regarding sex. With his permission, I would like to share our conversation.

“Kumusta na po tiong?” as I fondly called him. The first time I called him that, he got mad (but not so mad, actually) at me because we are of the same age.

“Ok lang po naman.... you still in Cagayan?”

“Nope. ‘am here in Manila now to supposedly catch a meeting I set, at ang magaling na clerk namin called off the meeting.....waaaahhhh! Ang galing no! He called off a very important meeting I set! Sabi di daw ako papasok when the Secretary of the person I have to meet called to confirm our meeting.”

“Ha ha ha! Ang galing talaga ng clerk niyo. Pinangunahan ka! Mukhang kayo na ata at alam niyang pagod ka after you did it... At saka strike ang jeep and buses ngayon, so excused ka.” When I was in Cagayan, I texted him I was in a cozy music lounge listening to a beautiful acoustic music by a cute youn…

Riding a Bus

Cover of House of Flying Daggers [Blu-ray]
Three Sundays ago, I went out with a friend to watch “House of Flying Daggers” at the Greenbelt. It was a very good movie that I enjoyed the cinematography and photography so much, especially the one in the bamboo grooves. And who would not notice the stunning Zhang Zi Yi. I loved her stunts and it really made her ballet skills very useful in martial arts. And how I loved the way she danced! Galing! But of course, her leading man did not escape my queer eyes (Oh, how could I forget his name?!). I learned he is a Japanese-Chinese meztizo that made his looks distinct from the other Chinese actors. I would say he is really one hell of a hunk. And who would not get a hard-on during their much delayed and restrained sex scene! Nakakabitin!

On my way home, I took one of the north-bound buses waiting infront of the Allied Bank along Ayala. Since it was a bit late, I had the chance to choose the one that still had available window seats. Nonchalantly…