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Minor benefits of insomnia

I have insomnia.  I sleep at the wee hours in the morning.  Good think I only work at home for a writing job.  But this is not healthy...

On the other hand, you get a chance to see a cutie on TV screen while you catch your sleep...

Although i do not know him.  This is from the movie, Marikina Files, and his role was Jaime.  He played the husband of Jaclyn Jose, one of the rape victims.I tried to look for his name in the credits, but I only remember "Jovy".

He looked sexy too when he was wearing a sando.  Ganda ng dibdib!  LOL!

Kilala nyo sya?

And am I back to "normalcy?"  hmmmm...

FB Message

She: I am not feeling good.  Can you sing me a song, kuya?

Yeah, he calls me Kuya's okay, I don't mind at all.  I am 2 years older than her.  I was in junior college and she was a freshie, in the same university, college and department--when we became US.  Back in the day, I used to sing to her.  Ain't that sweet?  LOL!  In fact we both sing.  What's that favorite song of mine that I usually sing for her....errrr...Kenny Rankin song...ahhhh...this:

Me:  Why?  feeling good like physically unwell?

She: No response.

Me in my mind:  Feeling sick and tired of your husband?

Now she makes me think and restless.  Was it her ploy for me to text her? To converse with her again on the phone?

I dunno...

I never followed up.  She did not reply.  She did not send me a text message for teh past 2 days.  Do I miss her?  Or perhaps, I am just wondering why the sudden silence on her part.


My apologies.  Yeah this is not about being gay--AGAIN.  I am sorry…

Disconnect to reconnect

For the past week, I have avoided blogging to talk about my worldly existence.  I am slowly going back...and I just found the right explanation why we need to be disconnected sometimes.

I want to share this with you, and I am sure you'll know what I mean...

Don't worry, I am still alive...

To Ryan, Mugen, Travis, and Sean, thanks for the thoughts...

I am just lurking around and I am still alive and kicking...

Don't worry.

It is just a phase.


Life sucks...

yes...I suck.

this blog will not be available for viewing for an indefinite period.

only time and fate will tell.

It has been a joyride with all of you.

maraming salamat sa lahat ng tagabasa and "followers"

Time for me to find my 'spot' in this world--again.....

Hanggang sa muli...

At 50th avenue

Finally I gave in to your incessant invitations for coffee.  When I saw you sitting quietly in one of the tables, and tinkering on your phone, I wanted to back out.  But then, our eyes met and there was not way out.  Besides, you kept on checking on my location while I was in transit.  I did not want to disappoint you this time.  I have no more while lies.  I already said YES.

You said you will treat me out.  But then, the gentleman that I am, I insisted that I pay.  Instead of having coffee, we ordered pasta instead.  I told you I was famished after that over the lunch meeting which had no lunch.