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In my many out-of-town business trips I have never really played attention to the goings on inside the plane, especially the flight crew. Sure, the guys looked handsome and the ladies were equally gorgeous. Early morning trips were so taxing that as soon as I have taken seat, I would doze off to sleep even before the plane has taken off, and only to wake up on air turbulence. Sometimes, I would wake up to see my snacks already on my tray table neatly laid out either by my seatmate or the steward or the stewardess. Many times, after taking my snack, I would still close my tired eyes and wait for the plane to land. Flying seemed like a boring daily rut.

Last month in one of my trips in the south, I was able to negotiate with my supervisor that I would take the afternoon flight the day before my conference the next day instead of taking the early morning flight. Besides, that was my way escaping from my work (As if I could escape from it, anyway. Smile.), and most importantly, to get away from the prying eyes of my asshole of a supervisor (He is driving me nuts!).

It was a mid-afternoon flight and I felt sleepy as soon as I took my assigned seat. I usually take the window seat but the plane was fully booked and many have checked in ahead of me so I had no choice but to get the aisle seat. Much better, I thought, because I gorged in too much coffee before the flight and coffee had a diuretic side effect. As I was reaching for my seat belt which fell on the side, I noticed a guy intently checking on me. Lo! And behold! It was the steward. He was a heavenly figure with the mix of Alfred Vargas and Wendel Ramos! What a sight! I smiled at him and he also smiled when I was able to find the other strap and buckled up. Oh, my! I thought. He’s also got that close up confidence! I am sure that even though it was his job to smile and pay attention to passengers, I could sense that his smile was for real. Hah! This flight would be very great, I thought! His name was Bryan S_ _ _ _ _ _. He’s got a second name but I forgot it. (Of course I checked on his ID and name plate while serving snacks.).

It was indeed an interesting and good flight! I felt I was already dozing off because it was past 3 PM and the plane on ground was still humid. But I did not want to lose my sight of the archangel! Good thing, I brought my latest subscription of Reader’s Digest that was delivered on my table that day. So I immediately looked for “All in a days work” and “Laughter is the Best Medicine” so that I would be entertained. In between short articles, I would look up to where he was located assisting the other passengers. Makalaglag-brief ang ka-gwapuhan ng loko! Papa-ble, I should also say!

I was seated at the rear part of the plane and luck of all lucks, he was the one assigned at the rear part to demonstrate the safety features of the plane. My seat had a good view of him and since everyone seems to be interested with this hunk, I did not mind looking at him in the eye. I did no longer care if he found me being attracted to him, which I think he is already used to. I think he knows himself and takes pride in being ogled at both by men and women. And hey! It was the first time that I really paid attention to the details of the demonstration. Can you beat that? Lolz!

Definitely, the entire flight was great! I was awake for almost 1.5 hours. Well, it was worth it. I was already hours away from work in the office, from my supervisor, from the hustle and bustles of Manila, from smog, and from my usual self, which is really boring. It was the time for me to savor the moment of being physically attracted to a really handsome young man, named Bryan, shedding off my inhibitions and practically just looking at him whenever he passes by my side. I dreamt of possibilities. I drew him in my mind and made part of my wishful thinking—my “what if’s.”

It was an escape,….a flight to dreamland…with an angel named Bryan…


  1. wala bang update senyo ni bry? hehe

  2. unfortunately, wala na. hindi ko na sya nakita for the main reason that our company preferred the cheaper airline. :-(

  3. Nako ineng, dapat ginetching mo ang number!

  4. Cinderella, kung sana ganun kadali...haha


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