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A letter from Badong

tRainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue sk...Image via WikipediaDear Mr. G,

I am writing this letter to end all of your and the rest of the barkada's suspicions about me—that is being gay. I know, Mr. G, that you are always asking me if I have a girlfriend or not. Once, you even asked me if I have a boyfriend. I almost told you I had one, but was unsure of what you will say or think about me. I tell you now, I am gay. I hope you are not shocked.

Although I have had relationships with women/girls in high school and college, I always knew I was attracted to men—since elementary days. There is no denying that I slept with most of them. I mean it when I say now that I have had good sex with them. So to say, I was not homosexually active then.

Then I began to explore. I have had sexual encounters with men; until I met Marc, who has been my domestic partner for the past 15 years. I broke off with my last girlfriend and told her I am gay. She was cool about it, and we separated as good friends up to this day.

I did not want to fool her; Unlike other gay people who just want to put up a front, I could no stand the mere thought of having relationships with women while being sexually active as a gay person. I know some married-in-the-closet gay, family men, with kids, but are very active when it comes to gay relationships, whether for love or for sex. To me, this is the worst of the worst a gay guy can do. That is why I preferred not to marry or even continue with my relationships with my last girlfriend.  I just could not bear the thought that if I were married with a girl, and had kids, just for the sake of it, when I know for a fact that I can not and will not control my gay activities.

After all this confession, I hope you will accept me for what I have become, and I hope that we remain as friends—the way you have known me back in college.


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  1. yes Nimmy! Claps for Badong!

    Thanks for dropping by

  2. i agree with him to all the things he said here... good job!

  3. wow napakalaking decision yan para sa kanya..for that pa burger kanaman..hehehe..d gudluck sa life i hope you are happy....

  4. Kyle...yes. I wish i were in his shoes.

  5. Yes, Emmanuel. he is very happy now, and he feels great having friends like me and the rest of the gang who have accepted him wholeheartedly.

  6. ang taray ni badong! hehehe

  7. CLAP CLAP and BOW para kay Badong!!!

    Ang tapang at tama naman sya sa mga sinabi nya. :)s

  8. rafi, tama ka...ang taray nga ng sulat ni badong! hehehe...

    Jepoy, bilib din ako sa tapang nya na ipaalam sa amin ang kanyang tunay na pagkatao. To this day, we remain as good friends...

  9. if only i had badong's strength. minsan nakakapagod magtago sa iyong mga kaibigan...

  10. Wow, brave and courageous...

  11. well kanya kanyang breason yan kung bkit ang iba ay ptuloy pa rin nagtatago db...

  12. @Sean, same here...and family too...:-(

    @Tim, yes....indeed!

    @Uno, and I am one of them, and I have 1001 reasons to do so...:-(


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