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Riding a Bus

Cover of "House of Flying Daggers [Blu-ra...Cover of House of Flying Daggers [Blu-ray]
Three Sundays ago, I went out with a friend to watch “House of Flying Daggers” at the Greenbelt. It was a very good movie that I enjoyed the cinematography and photography so much, especially the one in the bamboo grooves. And who would not notice the stunning Zhang Zi Yi. I loved her stunts and it really made her ballet skills very useful in martial arts. And how I loved the way she danced! Galing! But of course, her leading man did not escape my queer eyes (Oh, how could I forget his name?!). I learned he is a Japanese-Chinese meztizo that made his looks distinct from the other Chinese actors. I would say he is really one hell of a hunk. And who would not get a hard-on during their much delayed and restrained sex scene! Nakakabitin!

On my way home, I took one of the north-bound buses waiting infront of the Allied Bank along Ayala. Since it was a bit late, I had the chance to choose the one that still had available window seats. Nonchalantly, I took my seat and patiently waited for the bus to move on slowly while waiting for more passengers, and engrossed my thoughts with reminiscing about that gorgeous guy in the movie. The mere thought of his rugged face made me shiver and honestly, I really got turned on, that I began to entertain wild imaginings. Then suddenly, this guy sat by my side. I was so startled kasi pasaldak siyang umupo that he almost shoved me off my seat and his right elbow hit my side. I learned he came from one of the seats at the back. And I realized too there are still other seats near me. I do not know how to react but I am not the kind of person who would make a scene. Well I would understand anyway since the bus was jerking, and he was kinda apologetic. Besides, he looked so tired that he leaned on the seat infront and made loud sighs na talagang pagod na pagod ang hitsura niya. I was about to ask him if he needs some help, but I noticed him rubbing his thighs with mine. Aha! That was it! This guy wants something aside from seating by my side. Hmmmnn. Interesting, I thought. He looks presentable anyway and I thought it would not hurt if we would get to know better. Being a bi, I would understand his situation so I just allowed him to brush his legs and thighs. Since I am that generous to PLUs, I allowed him to lean a bit on my side. I would not get HIV from it anyway. So feeling niya close na kami. And I just smiled by myself because the loud sighs he made was libog na pala. Lolz! I did not realize that I could turn on guys too, even if I have clothes on me. Well, I wore a shirt that just fit my torso that it showed some of my contours.

When we reached Guadalupe, he seemed restless that he changed position. He turned to his right that made him lean more on my left and his face almost touched my face. That put me so much in an uncompromising situation that I sternly looked him in the eye--that I am not about to do what he thinks. Unheeding of my silent warning, he even asked me if it was okay for him to rest his hand on my left thigh! And before I could answer, he already grabbed cock and massaged it. I was just so surprised that he did it with even if a woman was sitting adjacent to our seat and I bet she could sense what was going on. I would be a hypocrite if I would say I was not turned on. The mere thought of a total stranger grabbing and massaging your cock is an electrifying experience. But at that time, the situation did not call for it and I was not consenting. So, I grabbed his hand to let go of my cock. So we were like wrestling in our seats, but he was really unmindful of the people around him that he even likes to unzip me. Dun na talaga ako talagang pumalag, that I squeezed his wrist tightly that it almost had marks. Good thing I had a good grip! And good thing also, we already reached Crossing and it was time for him to alight. The lady adjacent to us was looking at me, which I evaded and sat silently until the time I had to get off.

Looking back, I pondered on that situation. It was thrilling and adventurous, yet it was so uncomfortable. Did I act as if I were a willing victim? Did I insinuate I liked it too? Or it’s just that the other guy misunderstood my kindness to gays and bisexuals? Who wouldn’t anyway? If I were a straight guy, all he should get was a punch on the face! But I understand people like us. But who would understand us if we behave that way?

There is gay bashing because sometimes we act instinctively, and regarding all men as if they are gays and bisexuals. In the end, we find ourselves with a black eye, or even behind bars for molesting teens and even children. We can behave maturely. If you want to know a guy, approach him nicely and introduce yourself like any educated or matured person. Tell him if you are attracted to him. Or apologize if you mistook him for a gay. Of course that’s easier said than done. But it’s better than a black eye.

LESSON: Take a seat in the bus with a person like Mr. G, who understands your situation and your sexuality. Mahirap. But if you have the queer eye for a bisexual and a discreet gay, you can.

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