Text and Sex

>Mel is my cyber/text buddy. In one of our conversations in Chikka, we have discussed some of the concerns of PLUs regarding sex. With his permission, I would like to share our conversation.

“Kumusta na po tiong?” as I fondly called him. The first time I called him that, he got mad (but not so mad, actually) at me because we are of the same age.

“Ok lang po naman.... you still in Cagayan?”

“Nope. ‘am here in Manila now to supposedly catch a meeting I set, at ang magaling na clerk namin called off the meeting.....waaaahhhh! Ang galing no! He called off a very important meeting I set! Sabi di daw ako papasok when the Secretary of the person I have to meet called to confirm our meeting.”

“Ha ha ha! Ang galing talaga ng clerk niyo. Pinangunahan ka! Mukhang kayo na ata at alam niyang pagod ka after you did it... At saka strike ang jeep and buses ngayon, so excused ka.” When I was in Cagayan, I texted him I was in a cozy music lounge listening to a beautiful acoustic music by a cute young man. He is tisoy and looks like coño, but charming. In short, delicious. Lolz!. Anyway, Mel was kidding me na ‘kawawa na naman ang hotel housekeeping’ sa gagawin ko after seeing that guy. This is the reason why he is telling me na pagod ako.

“Ngek!” referring to the ‘kung kami na’ nung clerk namin.

“Wild ba ang imagination ko.... nababato utak ko kaya kailangan pagilingin.”

“By the way, may ka-text ako. I met sa net a long time ago. I was contacting him, kasi I will go to Davao next week (taga Davao siya).” When I travel, I always like the fun of meeting a PLU. So in Cagayan, I was so damn bored; save for the cozy music lounge and the acoustic music of the cute kid. So in my next trip to Davao, I wanted to meet someone so that I could have someone to talk to and go places with. But I am not exactly the type who would go to bed right away. I would prefer to talk and get to know the guy first. In our text messages, however, it came to a point when he sounded sexual. He asked me how long my dick was. And I don’t know why I get turned off when somebody asks me that question right away. He asked me if he can suck me and if I could fuck him. I told him, there is no problem with that since I am not a hypocrite after all. In the end, he asked me if I will pay for his ‘supposedly services.’

“Ayan napala mo, diyaskeng bata ka!! Di na matigil sa kasusuka iyang batuta mo... Well, you can’t expect all graduates to have a sound character.... look at our officials as a classic example.”

“Oo nga naman. Kesyo gipit daw siya, and does not have a stable job. And he is a college instructor ha!”

“Instructor? I think I understand him.... mura kasi bayad sa school teachers e. But he is in Davao. A lot of opportunities there di ba? Magsipag naman siya ng kaunti!”

“Oo nga, pangaralan mo bottom pa ha. Nasarapan na siya nabayaran pa! Ang galing din no!”

“Bottom, e dapat talaga magpabayad siya, rare specie kasi ang tulad niya.”

“So you mean agree ka na magbayad ako?”

“Ang hirap humanap ng bottom ha!”

“I can get it for free.”

“I know you can get it for free...recommend mo naman ako... he he he”

“Ganun ba talaga kahirap maghanap ng bottom? Andami kong kakilala na bottom.”

“Wala akong makilala e..... di naman ako sanay magchat sa group gaya mo... besides I’m not gifted :-( but i still want to get innnnnn”


“Tawa ka diyan! Palibhasa ang haba ng bird mo!”

“Hindi naman.”

“Asus! humble ka naman masyado.... andaming nahuhumaling sa iyo noh. So I’m sure you have a 8-10 cock with 3 in diameter o radius pa lang...”

“How I wish! But ano ba talaga ang nasa size at ganun na lang ang pagkahumaling sa malalaking sandata?”

“Beats me?! Ako I don’t mind an average one. It’s the way the person makes me feel..... bakit ikaw ba hindi ka namimili ng malaking gadget?”

“Besides pag 8-10 inches ang akin, wala nang papatol sa akin kasi ulo pa lang masusuka na sila, what more ang pa-bottom. E di warat sila. Either they already go into fisting or double fucking to accommodate such a big tool.”

“O sige, 6-7 inches na lang. discounted na ‘yan ha.”

“Hahaha! Size does not matter. But it feels good if your partner gets a bonus pack.”

“Actually for you size doesn’t matter kasi top ka! It’s the bottom that matters to you, di ba? Dapat masikip at magaling mag-muscle control ha ha ha!”

“What counts most for me is the sensitivity. Malaki nga pero puro duro lang ang gagawin to the extent na di ka na mag-enjoy.”

“What duro?”

“Tusok ng tusok. Banat ng banat. Just imagine...pag duro ka ng duro, without any finesse, e di masasaktan ka-partner mo di ba? Unless, ang gusto hard fucking. Balik tayo sa nagpapabayad...have you paid someone for sex? Or if given the chance, will you charge for sex?”

“Nope. Kahit gaano siya kagwapo. But I treated someone for a value meal even though nothing happened. If given the chance.... tol, hirap na tanong iyan.”

“Actually pasakalye niya kanina, “will you treat me?” Sabi ko no problem. Then he asked me if I will pay him for being a bottom.”

“Iba po iyong actual payment in cold cash sa treat for food ha.”

“Sabi ko, I dont pay. Sabi, gipit daw siya. So I told him, I thought it's between two consenting adults? I even said, ‘please don’t do that.’ He just sent a smiley.”

“You mean you are considering paying the guy?”

“No. I’d rather jack off.”

“That's good. If you can get sexual gratification without paying then it's better. For me, I will feel damn cheap if I pay for sex.”

“Ako din. Parang degrading. Actually he told me he feels degraded by the fact that he is asking for money. I feel sorry for him.”

“I would rather have someone shower me with material gifts than pay me outright. Because with gifts you know that there's something more because its effort driven, perhaps love?”

“I agree to that. Besides I have friends there in Davao whom I can treat for a coffee and have a real nice chat ‘till midnight. And I look forward to meet the seaman husband ng friend ko. He looks hot in the pics my friend showed me...malay mo. Hahahaha!”

“Sabi ko na nga ba e. Talagang pokpok ka! ha ha ha”

“Hahahaha! Man! Mukhang syempre, seaman...may duda ako dyan! Mukhang berde ang dugo....”

“You said it... gutom na gutom iyan.”

“My friend is actually inviting me for a dinner at their home! Kabababa lang ng hubby niya from barko.”

“Patay kang bata ka! Para siyang nag-invite ng vampire!”


Our conversation ended here because he had to go back to work and call a friend.

As I was left pondering on our conversation, I jotted some very important realizations:

1. No matter how young and cute the acoustic singer was, I could not flirt with him. Because, first, I was with business colleagues. Definitely a NO-NO. Second, I do not know if he is game or not. There is always danger. Sometimes we mistake the actions of others as being “game”. Remember my bus experience? I was accommodating…yes. But it does not mean I was game. The acoustic singer seems nice and open, and charming because he had too. He is an entertainer. And there is always a thin line, though, on being nice and horny. Gotta be careful on that.

2. Will I pay for sex? Or will I charge for sex? PLUs have reasons for doing that. Call it “sheer necessity.” I have reasons for not paying. And I hope that is also respected. In this age when there is more sexual freedom among bi’s and gays, working or paying for sex seems becoming an obsolete practice. But in my conversation with Mel, some of my biases showed—that I felt sorry for the guy. Sorry not because he is into sex trade. That’s what he can do at this time. If he is happy with that, let him be. But I really feel sorry for a person who turns into flesh trade when he can do other stuff to improve his economic status. I believe that there is always another option. I am not moralizing. I am only opening some windows. And I still pray that they, who are into it, could do something more aside from trading their flesh for money.
3. Sizing up one’s sex tool has become an obsession. It is an obsession, actually. Many of those who wanted to make it out with me always ask how long my tool is. I ask them in return, “Does it matter to you?” What matters to me most is how they answer my question. And I would not reveal how I size up their answers to my question. (It’s a trade secret…).

4. Will I make it out with the husband of my friend? Of course not! I have so much love and respect for my friend! Why would I make it out with him? Even if both of us would like to have it? Discretion! What I blurted out in our conversation may be a desire to make it out with a friend’s husband. Hanggang salita lang ako. I would never do that! No! No! No! No! …o… o… Oh! Yes! (just kidding!). Smile.

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