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Second Flight

Piolo Pascual, Filipino actorImage via WikipediaAs I was boarding and walking down the isle of the plane going to Davao, I saw a familiar guy smiling at me. I was surprised myself because I realized he was that cute steward brushing his teeth inside the airport men’s room. I would not forget his face because he looked like Piolo Pascual, sans the gelled brushed up or rather greasy hair. While inside the men’s room, I looked at his reflection at the mirror and noticed him looking at me too. Realizing my discomfort admiring his handsome face, I turned away and immediately went out, as if I noticed him as only one of the guys.

So, I smiled back out of courtesy.

“I think you are familiar to me!” he said still smiling.

“Yeah, I saw you awhile ago inside the men’s room, brushing your teeth,” I gladly replied.

“Are you from Davao?”

“No. I’m just going there on a business trip.”

“Do you have a business?”

“I have a company meeting there.”

“I see,” he nodded. “Excuse me I have to assist some passengers.”

“Okay,” I replied. I thought it this time was more interesting than seeing another steward named Bryan a few months back.

“So do you work with Lee?” he came back after assisting the other passengers, while looking and pointing at the embroidery on the left arm of my fitted Lee polo shirt.

“No, some other company,” I replied trying to hide the information where I work, and smiling at the thought the he noticed my biceps. I thought he wanted some connection. Well, I am not guwapo, so to speak. But I am happy with the thought that I was given attention by someone who is really guwapo and a gym buff himself.

The entire flight to Davao was too bumpy, so most of the time, they were at the crew station. Although each time they would stand up, he never missed to smile at me and I would willingly smile at him. There was a connection building up, I thought. Since I was again holding a copy of my Reader’s Digest, I tore an ad page where I could write my number just in case. Too bad, I was at the window seat and handing him over my phone number would be too obvious, and scandalous! (I was seated next to an old couple.)

Finally, the plane landed. The flight made me so dizzy that I rushed to the comfort room to relieve myself, because I was too afraid to stand up during the flight. When I came out, I saw him standing at the back of the plane.

“Grabe ‘tong flight na ito, ano?” I asked, trying to re-establish a connection.

“Oo nga e. Nahilo ako!” he replied and smiled.

I wanted to give him my number for the last time, but the other stewardesses were chatting with him. Natorpe ako. And we just parted ways smiling at each other. He bade me goodbye, and wished me luck in my meeting and wished me a pleasant stay in Davao. (I smiled at the thought that he still remembered our short conversation.).

I thanked him, and walked outside the plane. One last look at him, and I saw him still smiling at me. The downside of it all…and contrary to what the pilot and the stewards/ stewardesses would say after the plane has landed, I never saw him again “in one of my future flights.” (Smile!).

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  1. wala bang happy ending sa mga flight escapades mo po? hehehe

  2. Prop, wala's just one of those things you like to enjoy while travelling. hehe


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