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Some random thoughts on Boys of Bora raid

Photograph of a man massaging a woman's hand w...Last Saturday night, I quietly watched Imbestigador, and was just so shocked at Boys of Bora Spa being raided by Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the PNP and of course, Imbestigador Mike Enriquez' staff.  Neither am I mad about this, nor condone the spa activities either.  having been a spa customer (both legit and not), I know that this has been going on.  This reminds me of one spa in QC a few years back.  I know it is a seedy place and just wanted to know what the extra service is all about.  Above all, of course, I wanted a massage that time.

So just like any cheap spas, there would be a viewing room, and all the supposedly masseurs make themselves cute and catch your attention.  I chose the young looking lad.  He did not have a nice body but a cute face. he was also fair and looked clean.

So we went to the second floor where the massage rooms are. I asked for the bathroom where I wanted to wash up.  I want my body clean before I get my massage.  You know, basic hygiene.  So I went, and cleaned up a bit.  Then went back to my assigned room and was surprised to see my masseur already in his underwear.  Hmmmm, it would be fun I thought.  Then we went on with the massage.  first he massaged my back.  I thought, wrong.  SOme legit spas start with the legs and some stretching.  So I thought this young man is not really trained to do a massage.  In short, the massage at my back was so-so, and I did not even enjoy it.  Then he went to my exposed butt and sat on my legs.  I could feel his crotch touching my gastrocnemius. I thought, this masseur wants something else.  But I wanted to get massage so I did not mind him.  So he went on massaging my butt even longer than my back.  Then he spread my m legs, and worked on the area between my crotch and my upper thighs.  Then all of a sudden, he held my cock!  I was surprised!  So it went.  I was in heaven, of course!  Who would deny such aggressive move?!!!  I could not help but give in.  Then he went on for some time, then leaned on my back and rubbed his dick on my butt and moved as if pumping me.  It was getting hotter and hotter!  Then he dropped the bomb!

He negotiated with me if I wanted an extra service.  I asked how much.  He mentioned something like P1,500.  Can I fuck him?  He said, no. Can he suck me? He said, no.  So, I told him, it was expensive.  I would rather jack off later after he finishes massaging me.  He seemed desperate, so he went on something like, I could suck him and fuck him between his legs.  I could give him P500 for that.  I thought it was a bargain, so we went on.  In 15 minutes, it was over and gone was my P500 plus the P500 I paid for the room and the massage.  I felt guilty.  It went on so fast, and we just did it matter-of-factly.  I thought it would have been better if I just jacked off in my own sweet time, with all the imagination of Ryan having sex with me.  (Who is Ryan?  I will tell you next time.).

In short, it was a waste of time, money and effort.  I realized if I wanted a real massage, I should have gone to "Friendship Reflexology" instead.  But sad to say, that spa was no longer around that time.  Or perhaps, I would have gone to a better one like Blue Moon (though I was not sure if it was still operating at that time.) They had a good massage and you get to be tickled here, there, and everywhere, and sometimes, have the chance to you know what I mean!

So I would not be surprised if Boys of Bora and similar spas would get raided and closed.  They should improve their services, and run like legit spas for gay and bisexual men.  In that way, they can get more income, and patronized.

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  1. Thanks bro sa comment. Okay din naman style mo. hehehe. Mejo sensual lang tong blog na to. hehhee... mwah

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  3. hai your blog was nice,.,,,=)


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