Facebook logoImage via WikipediaThe last time I was here was last year.  I visit my own blog not that very often.  Sometimes, I just tweak some pages and stare at it.  I had nothing to write, I thought.  In fact, I may only be the one reading this.  I have not made any extra effort to propagate this in the internet, after all.  Although I was sure these blog entries have been read by many--back in the Pinoy Encounters  Email group, back in the day, when blogging was just as its infancy, when Friendster was still the in thing, and when Facebook was still not conceptualized.  I just decided to put them here, edit some notes, voila!  I have an online journal!  Perhaps, just a place where I could put some memories "last".

Things have changed.  I have also lied low on meeting guys in the net.  I made a compromise.  My previous job allowed me to meet too many young people, and it was just "too dangerous" for me to be playing around with men.  In fact I saw at least one who was a member of manjam (that compelled me right away to delete my profile there), and at least one who had an account with Guys4Men, who was friends with a chatmate. That was in 2006.  Although I do have some sexual trysts, these were more on the safe side--old contacts.  In fact, I have not been with them for as long as I can remember.  Perhaps, I am getting old?  Perhaps, it is not just safe anymore to be fooling around?

But deep within me, I want to write more.  Maybe, yes. Maybe, no more.  I do not know.  But who knows?  one day I would find zest again, or zest would find and compel me, again.
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