I don't like this feeling

Here I go again, mustering all the strength and courage to suppress this feeling.  I don't want this kind of excitement after I chatted with you in the net, and after we exchanged text messages.  I just do not want to anticipate.  I just do not want to jump into conclusions like there is "something" about it.

But at the same time, there is a part of me that says, "Let go!"...because I get tickled here and there?  It gives me those goosebumps again.  It makes my heart beat fast again after hibernation for years.  No, it cannot be.  I am just misinterpreting words.  I am just entertaining thoughts that I want to think about.  I am interpreting words like they were terms of endearment.  I am nurturing false expectations...again.

I do not want to get hurt again.

Should I stop? Should I ever entertain it again? Should I just let go?
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  1. sir salamat po sa comment nyo. na-appreciate ko po iyon. i followed back narin po. tc. :)

  2. its always good to get tickled, but yeah it shouldn't distract you from what you're doing diba?

    pero yun, unrequited love, if it develops. complicates stuff more. been there, done that. :|

  3. yes, I agree with you. kaya huwag na munang ma-inlove. hahahaha...

  4. pero malay mo, this time around ay mabuti ibubunga ng tickling na yan hehe... why don't you try, and no expectations (devil's advocate ba.. hehe)

  5. @Prop, yeah, I might try soon. hahahaha...pero may sipon ako ngayon, so hindi pwede. maybe next week. wag muna sya magparamdam...di kaya ng kapangyarihan ko...hahaha...


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