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While walking on the treadmill, I was approached by this short but cute and hunky trainer.  (Hawig kay Polo Ravales, pero slight lang.). He introduced himself, which I already forgot (geez, I need to look at his name plate again!).  You know I tend to forget names, and I try not to look at them in the eye while talking since they might find out I am lusting for interested in them. Let's just call him "Chinito Hunk". As a matter of courtesy, I introduced myself.  Of course you cannot fake your name in the gym since they have my records, and the gym is just 15-minute ride away from home.  So I cannot do anything hanky panky.

Anyway, he offered me the 15-fitness fix for the day (for those who are going to a particular gym, you know what I mean).   It was basically a combination of cardio exercises.

Then he asked me a question I definitely averse.

Chinito Hunk : "Sir, ilang taon na kayo?"

Mr. G:  "42," I said without batting an eyelash. 

Chinito Hunk:  "Weh!?" Ayaw pang maniwala ng mokong na ito!

Mr. G.: "Oo nga!" (gusto mo check mo sa records ko...imbyerna ang lolo nyo! Syempre may I smile pa din.  And deep inside, nagugustuhan ko ang takbo ng usapan.)

Chinito Hunk:  "Akala ko, early 30s lang kayo, around 33-34. Really, Sir?  Ayus ah!"  oo, yan ang ang exact words nya.  Syempre nagflutter-flutter ang hidden wings ng lolo nyo.

Mr. G.:  Pa-humble, "Salamat. Pero 42 na talaga ako."  Napatingin tuloy si Manang na katabi kong nagte-treadmill.  (LOL!)

Chinito Hunk:  "Gusto nyo sir, i try yung Fitness Fix for the day? Mga 15 minutes lang yun sir.  Cardio, tamang-tama sa age nyo.  You need to develop your cardio and resistance, kasi sa edad nyo, kailangan nyo yun."  Sabay bawi ang mokong!  Walang galang sa matatanda!  LOL!  Oo na! Oo na! Kung hindi lang sya cute, hindi ko papatulan ang fitness fix na yan.  

Entonces, ginawa ko with flying colors!  After that pinapirma ako sa log book.  Mga mokong na 'to kumo-quota pala ang mga hunghang!  Hahahaha! 

Ayun, dahil sa pagpapa-cute, at ayaw mabansagang matanda, ginawa ang exercise kahit na puyat. 

Anyway, hindi ako naniniwala kahit sabi nga ng officemate ko that I do not look my age.  Sabi din ng isang baklang babae sa isang grupo ko, "Ayan si Kuya, makinis, malinis sa katawan, laging mabango,at hindi halatang mas matanda sya sa atin."  Bwiset!  Pero Thank you na din.

But the important thing is happy ako kahit na lumampas na ako sa kalendaryo.

Sabi nga nila, do not add years to your life, but add life to your years.

Yun na!


  1. may point ka dun sir sa huli mong sinabi. :)

    hahaha di ako makacomment kasi di ko naman kayo nakikita.hahaha basis ko nalang ay yung mga sinabi ng mga taong nabanggit nyo.hahaha

  2. Kyle, definitely, i do not look the same old me...there are lines here and there...some grey hair on teh side...but I love being mature...

  3. DILF!!!! yum yum. hahahaha. :P

  4. hehe..ako kya magmamature din ako graciously katulad nyo? =D

  5. and they say 40's is the new 20's ;)

  6. @Jpy Dee, oist, gumalang ka sa matatanda! hahaha!

    @Prop, it's all in the mind...

    @eternal wanterer, yeah, so they say.

  7. wow! ikaw na hot! ikaw na young looking! ikaw na lahat! hihi

  8. Growing up doesn't mean growing old. - Kris Aquino for Olay


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