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Mr. G's ultimate crush

Many years ago, I have noticed a CNN reporter who was not only endowed  with physical attractiveness, but also the wit and wisdom.  I just find him so hot, gorgeous and admirable.  He is no other than:

Yes, CNN's Anderson Cooper!

Why is he my ultimate crush?

  1. He has it between those ears.
  2. He has it between those ears.
  3. He has it between those ears.
I could go on and on with my "list", LOL!  But that is what makes this man so attractive.  And one juicy part is that he is rumored to be gay and is in a relationship with an equally hot and rich gay mogul, Benjamin Maisani. Cooper does not give any comment on the rumors, though.

If that happens to me (I mean when I am rumored to be one), I would neither comment, deny, nor confirm.  Bahala na si Batman!

And....they are a hot couple, and I am *jealous!*

More photos HERE


  1. ughhh super crush ko rin si andersoon cooper...shucks im so wet right now. joke. hehe

  2. he has a fascinating eyes. i was!!

    thanks pala po sa greetings..

  3. @kalansay collector, and emmanuel, indeed! makalaglag-brief! lol! but physical attributes set aside, he is one hell of a talent and brains!

  4. Pinagnanasaan ko rin yang si Anderson Kupal este Cooper....#panagarapnabituin

  5. kaya ako nanunuod ng AC360 dahil sa kanya.

    Anderson Cooper. HAYST. :P

  6. awwwwwwwwwww! crush ko din sya! hot!!

  7. I didn't know marami palang may crush sa kanya! LOL! well, he is hot, both inside and out....

  8. bakit nandito ang picture ng asawa ko??!!
    chos! hahaha
    i'm in love with him eversince...haaay..
    pigil na pigil akong kiligin kapag napapanood ko siya at nasa newsroom ako dahil kung hindi mabubunyag sa lahat ang kabaklaan ko..haha

  9. DB...sorry sa pagnanasa ko sa asawa mo...haha

  10. He is gorgeous.And one can't help but get drawn in to him when he speaks.


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