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Some changes and updates

Blogging ReadinessYes, finally, I have come to terms to open this up to the public and I have even redesigned it to make it more catchy and hot.

But then, those sexy photos might not augur well for a reader who opens my blog in their offices or in internet cafes or in public wi-fi zones.  Dyahe, if somebody from your back would see an open tab with lusty photos here and there.  Haha.  So I just decided to pull them out (especially my uber sexy head banner), for your viewing convenience.  (As if many are reading this blog!).

Aside from "de-sexualizing" my blog, I have a few more things to say:
  1. Anyway, I also want to rant about not being able to make it to the gym today.  I was so engrossed with Soltero's stories. (Tama ba namang sisihin si Soltero?).  But I was hooked, really!  Plus umulan pa so nakakatamad lumabas ng bahay.
  2.  I also gathered from the news last night about the book of CBCP on Homosexuality and the Catholic Church (tama ba ang title?) which says CBCP is accepting homosexuality but not the homosexual intercourse.  Labo! I don;t want to meddle with the politics going on.  Let Ladlad partylist do their advocacy role.  I am already sick and tired of that issue. My philosophy about this?  Live and let live!
  3. Pangatlo, tama din lang na hindi ako nag-gym today because my muscles are still aching after na hindi ako nagwork-out for one week.  (What an excuse!) Geez!  Sayang ang monthly ko sa Fitness First!
  4. I visited my Planet Romeo account last night and put my sexy photo there, and messages just kept on popping out!  I slept at 1am chatting with some.  I also blocked an asshole of a guy who think he is Adonis! Duh!  I will rant about it later.
So, that's it for today.  Nothing serious and sexy.  I just want to keep these words out of my mind.

Magsasaing muna ako.

P.S.  Salamat nga pala kay desperate houseboy na syang unang nag-comment sa post ko.  Matagal na akong hindi nakakatanggap ng comments. Hehehe.  Also kay Sean and NJ na gustong pagpakiliti din.  Tatlo na ang followers ko!  yehey!  I hope dumami pa ang makiliti ko.


  1. yeah talagang nakaka-addict ang mga kuwento ni soltero. who's this adonis? will wait for your kwento

  2. Salamay Sean, sa pagdalaw. Isa si "Adonis" sa mga dapat ipako sa krus sa sobrang kahambugan! haha

  3. Papa, no problem. Natats naman ako ng husto dun. bihira yung bumabanggit ng name ko sa blog nila. mwah mwah.

  4. anytime, Desperate Houseboy...


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