Why does American Idol Season 10 tickle me?

These are the reasons why I am tickled and hooked to American Idol season 10!

Jovany Baretto is just so hot!  I want to lick hug, errr,,, envy his body!  I love the stubbles, which would definitely tickle....hihihihi! I love him even if he did not make it to the Top 13.

And of course who would miss this super hot contestant, Stefano Langone!  He is just so cute and fresh at 21!  Definitely much much better than Justin Bieber!!!!

You may watch his video:

I have fallen in love with him...and I wish he could make it...but then there is Thia Megia...okay...second to Thia.

More about him at American Idol Season 10.

Photo credits:  American Idol Season 10

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