I hurriedly stepped on the bus that will take us to a tour somewhere in Central Luzon.  I was 15 minutes late, and I was the only one they were waiting.  But I was relieved there were still some announcements being made prior to departure.  So, I immediately took a vacant isle seat, when I noticed a cute guy sitting at my back looking at me.  (hmmmm, perhaps, I caught his attention for my being late).  I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

During the rest of the trip, everyone did their own thing, while we exchange glances during stop overs, and before I take my seat infront of him.  So practically, nothing happened.  I was too shy to initiate a conversation and it was awkward though to introduce myself to him since I have a companion (a friend, who has no inkling about my gender preference)...Until the last stop, when I saw him buying something from the store.  So, I went to the store to buy me a soda. I immediately asked if he went up there (sorry no details), because it was already beyond 5PM and that "place" is already closed to tourists.  He responded in the affirmative and even gave some details that they begged the security guard.

"Maganda ang view?" I asked.

"Super!" he responded.

Hmmmm....I smell something from his response.  This is not how straight men would answer that question.  So I just smiled and he felt uncomfortable with my piercing eyes, and he walked away towards his lady companion.  So I asked myself, was I too straightforward?  Tinakot ko ba sya, or something? I thought I was just friendly.  So thing happened after that...then it was time to go home.

In the middle of the trip, they played a karaoke inside the bus so everyone wanted to sing (except me!), then they passed on the mic to him...and he sang... this... 

I thought, "In fairness, may boses ang loko."  But why that particular song?

So ako naman deep inside, kinilig.  Feeling ko ako ang kinakantahan ng loko! Eh sunod-sunod lang naman ang kanta so perhaps, nagkataon lang na yun ang natapat sa kanya.

Then after him, others sang songs too, but nobody from the ladies wanted to sing the song so he asked for the mic and sang the song again (which, unfotunately, I forgot!).  That song was more apt, should I say.  SO kinikilig na naman ang lolo nyo.  Feeling ko ipinaghehele nya ako talaga ang kinakantahan nya.  I have this thing for good singers pa naman...LOL!

And then after that, kahit na wala sa kanya ang mic, I can see from the corner of my right eye, that he advanced a bit from his seat (near the window) and sang songs...hmmm, maybe nagpapapansin!  So panay naman ang lingon ko sa kanya at sinusuklian naman nya ng ngiti at tingin (buti na lang tulog katabi ko!).

Then it was time for him to get off the tourist bus...His name was Jason.



  1. Anu ba Mr. G, bitin ako kay mr. cute.. hahahahaha

  2. Hi Tim! Ako din nabitin! hahaha!

  3. kilig. :)

    like to the boner...

    i mean to the bones! :p

  4. nakakakilig. baka blogger din yang si jason at makita itong entry na ito.

  5. K-C...oo nga eh...kilig to the boner! hahaha!


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