Nothing can stop the change in me...

I was surprised at the changes in my blog dashboard!  Looks cool to me!  But I find the old dashboard more discreet (You know what I mean, especially when you are caught unaware of the people lurking at your back!).  Anyway, this change is a welcome development.  Looks cool, neat, and sassy!  It tickles me, endlessly!  LOL!

Now this explains why Blogger is slower these days.  And I was unaware that this has been last April pa!  Susme!  It really takes time to effect changes...I think they are prioritizing older and active blogs like mine.  This has been existing since 2004, but I have not been using it not until this year.

Hmmmm...this is a welcome change!  I hope it gets faster in the coming days!


  1. UHmm. I thought the new dashboard will be like that of Twitter, you have the option to or not to adopt it for a period of time.
    Yun pala, unti unti lang nila inaaply to all.

  2. Ang kyut. Ma tignan nga yung akin. Btw, entry ko yung nakadisplay. Thanks.

  3. ay baket saken hindi pa rin nagbabago?? ang daya...

  4. Yes, unti-unti nilang binabago. I think more than half billion ang blogger!

    wait lang. kasi imagine 2004 pa itong blog na ito, baka 2005 na ang susunod! hahaha! yung ibang blog ko nga di pa din...


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