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At 50th avenue

Finally I gave in to your incessant invitations for coffee.  When I saw you sitting quietly in one of the tables, and tinkering on your phone, I wanted to back out.  But then, our eyes met and there was not way out.  Besides, you kept on checking on my location while I was in transit.  I did not want to disappoint you this time.  I have no more while lies.  I already said YES.

You said you will treat me out.  But then, the gentleman that I am, I insisted that I pay.  Instead of having coffee, we ordered pasta instead.  I told you I was famished after that over the lunch meeting which had no lunch.

You were in that deep pink shirt...and your lips, pink, too! How I wish I press mine on them again, but that was asking for the stars.  While I walked towards you, everything around me stopped--literally.  Yes, I know it only happens in the movies when the film editor freezes the images around, but it did happen to me.  I was oblivious of the world around me.  Going near you, my mind was, instead, wandering.  Honestly, I did not know why on earth I agreed to meet you after two years--when we first met after our breakup many years back.  While I am puzzled with all these, my mind was also weaving words.  How will I start the conversation? But the safest way to break the ice was not even a "beso".  It was just a simple "Hello!" and "Kumusta?".  And everything went on easily---like in the olden days.

We exchanged jokes.

I kidded about your 4 inch-stilleto and how on earth can you walk on those!? LOL!

Then someone called you on your phone.  You excused yourself and went away from the table.  Your back at me.  When you returened, your eyes were almost teary.
You shared that it was your hubby. You mentioned something like he was asking you to do an errand at the DFA.  It was not specific, but, again, your eyes were almost teary.  I didn't know if you missed him or you were just pissed out that you wanted to cry on my shoulders.  I asked if you were okay.  You said it's nothing.  But knowing you, there was something wrong.  But I did not want to intrude.  I had no business dealing with yours.  I had to change topic.  I had to ask about your sister who liked me.  No, not in a way you fancied me, but in a sisterly way.  And you told me how she likes me--hinting, perhaps, we would be better off together.  I just shrugged it off, and eluded it, and asked again about her fate in the US.

Then I asked about your hubby and how have you been lately.  You told me you were just "living it".  I understood.  Then you asked about me.  "Same-same," I replied.  You understood.

But then no matter how I wanted our conversation to end up into something, I eluded it.  I asked about your kids--and we animatedly talked about our kids.  We were just so happy telling stories about them.  Keeping us both grounded and back to reality...Until it was time for me to go.  I have some personal errands myself.  And your twins are almost done with their classes and anytime soon, they will pick you up.

We bid goodbye.  I wanted to look at you.  But I eluded your eyes.   You know I will fall for you when I look into your eyes. I just don't want to see them looking sad and lonely.  I would prefer them "smiling" way back then.  Remember when we used to have long walks amidst the pine trees, you would stop and just stare at me?  I terribly miss those time.

But then I have to go. 

Then while on my way back home, I got a message from you.

"Thank you for keeping me company.  Thanks for sharing a part of your time."

"Same here," I told you. "Spending some time with you makes me forget about my boring life--even just a for a moment. I hope it's not the last."


  1. ahh! a story of lost love on a rainy afternoon.

  2. indeed, travis. and I do not know where it leads both of us...she seems mushy-mushy with me again...and I fear it.

  3. Awww... :)

    After two years? And still you feel that way? Hmmm.

    I so can relate, since my girlfriend and I still doesn't have closure after more than two years now. I don't know what will happen in case we get some coffee.

  4. @the green breaker, you would not believe it but it's more than a decade. there was no closure kasi when we broke off. And until now I think we have that feeling for each other but we're just trying to suppress it.


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