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She: I am not feeling good.  Can you sing me a song, kuya?

Yeah, he calls me Kuya's okay, I don't mind at all.  I am 2 years older than her.  I was in junior college and she was a freshie, in the same university, college and department--when we became US.  Back in the day, I used to sing to her.  Ain't that sweet?  LOL!  In fact we both sing.  What's that favorite song of mine that I usually sing for her....errrr...Kenny Rankin song...ahhhh...this:

Me:  Why?  feeling good like physically unwell?

She: No response.

Me in my mind:  Feeling sick and tired of your husband?

Now she makes me think and restless.  Was it her ploy for me to text her? To converse with her again on the phone?

I dunno...

I never followed up.  She did not reply.  She did not send me a text message for teh past 2 days.  Do I miss her?  Or perhaps, I am just wondering why the sudden silence on her part.


My apologies.  Yeah this is not about being gay--AGAIN.  I am sorry if I bore you enough now with all these series of post.  I just can't discuss it with anybody else--even my closest friends--3 girls who are all married--THEY WILL KILL ME, and one guy--si Badong.  I want to discuss this with Badong, but I am sure he will not also favor the discussion especially me, to get entangled in a situation like this...

This too shall pass.


  1. it's your blog. nobody should question what you write in it.

    forget the married girl, please. life is complicated na nga as it is. tiborcian! lols. i hope your dyke phase passes soon enough.

  2. I cannot agree more, travis! Wala na akong ma-feel halos...It's just that masyadong clingy now. nakaka-kilig! LOL!


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