Minor benefits of insomnia

I have insomnia.  I sleep at the wee hours in the morning.  Good think I only work at home for a writing job.  But this is not healthy...

On the other hand, you get a chance to see a cutie on TV screen while you catch your sleep...

Although i do not know him.  This is from the movie, Marikina Files, and his role was Jaime.  He played the husband of Jaclyn Jose, one of the rape victims.I tried to look for his name in the credits, but I only remember "Jovy".

He looked sexy too when he was wearing a sando.  Ganda ng dibdib!  LOL!

Kilala nyo sya?

And am I back to "normalcy?"  hmmmm...


  1. mukha ngang you're on your way back haha

  2. ahhyayyay! maligayang pagbabalik! bienvenida!

    i am not an insomniac nor a callboi but my body clock is screwed up as well.

  3. welcome back Papa G! *hugs* ^_^


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