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Big mistake!

Warning: This blog entry contains a story about a pechay--again!  Read at your own risk.

Scene 1: I flirted.  Period.  paki basa na lang, po for the background info.

Scene 2: I invited her to join me in my hobby.  She agreed, and we met at a designated place somewhere in Manila.  It's not a motel, by the way.  So mali ang akala nyo. Hehehe.  Everything went well for that day.  Happy naman sya, and after that, she sent me this text message thanking me for introducing to the group and that my gesture daw made her day and made her happy, chuva, ek ek...Gheez! Sounds creepy to me!

Matter-of-factly, I replied, "You are welcome."  Nothing more.  No feelings attached.

Scene 3: She texted me if I am going to the next group's activity.  I was not able to respond immediately because I was asleep!  Alangan namang mag-text akong tulog no!  Habang pupungas-pungas pa nag-text na naman ang nagging me why I am not responding to her text.  Kahit nainis ako, at dahil sobrang bait ko, I just texted her "Not sure."  Kesa naman mag-text ako ng pagkahaba-haba at baka kung ano pa ang masabi ko, ako pa ang magiging masama, di ba?  At saka mahirap magtext sa touch screen no! Kung anu-anong napipindot!  Paulet-ulet tuloy!  Haay I miss my 3210!  (Segue pa talaga dun eh!)  Anyway, hindi naman talaga ako sure kasi may nakatoka namang ibang group members sa activity namin.

Then after that text, I got a facebook message from the organizer na kailangan kong mag-attend kasi nag-backout yung isang member and I have to fill in. Hindi ko na sinabi kay pechay.  Baka sabihin iniiwasan ko sya.  Whichever, yun din naman ang iisipin nya.  She has that attitude.  Actually, I've got this feeling she is becoming too clingy.  Eeeek! You know that feeling?  And the nerve!  May gana pa syang magalit pag hindi ako nagreply agad. Yung legal wife ko nga, hindi ako ginaganon!  Ano sya, hilo?  Kahit na may nakaraan kami, hindi naman ako paaander sa kanya no! 

Scene 4: Activity proper.  Dumating sya. Natural, nagulat sya na nag-attend ako.  I also intentionally did not give her extra attention kasi baka magtaka ang mga members.  They know very well I am very much married.  So quiet lang ako.  Besides, I was not feeling well.  Just been sick for the past 2 weeks and had to prepare for our group activity so wala akong tulog.  As in zombie ako that day.

Scene 5:  I received a text message from her the next day.   Nabura ko na kasi, baka mabasa ni kumander, so heto ang gist ng sinabi nya:  "She has this feeling that I am avoiding her yesterday, and She has a feeling I don't want her to be present in our group activity.  Tapos banat pa nya, sabagay okay lang, naman kung di ko gusto na present sya lagi, kasi ako naman ang nag-introduce sa group."

Sagot ko:  "Anu ka ba?  I was not feeling well that day."  Yun lang.

Kala ko hanggang dun na lang.

Sya ulet:  Pagkahaba-haba.  Hindi ko na ma-remember.  But the gist is she is nagging me about it!  Sa inis ko, I deleted the text immediately.  I did not reply. I thought that I do not have the responsibility to reply to her because the second time around, she invited her own self sa next group activity.  So why should I be responsible to her na asikasuhin ko sya.  Besides, hind lang sya ang participant that day!  Ah basta.  I just feel she obliges me to respond to her and be nice to her after all these flirting and chorvahan tienes!


Okay...MY FAULT.

In the first place, had I not flirted with her "again," this would not have happened at all.  But then I thought it was kinky to flirt with your ex--at least "friendly flirting," if there is such a term.  LOL!  But then I just wanted her to be my friend.  Apparently, though, she misunderstands the attention I am giving her.  Or perhaps, I am sending her wrong messages?

But then, ang hindi ko gusto, she has this habit of nagging me when I do not reply.  Bakit ko daw sya dinededma!  Eh kung mag-text sya naglalaba, nagluluto, namamalantsa, nag-aalaga ako ng bata!  Minsan namamalengke pa! Panu ka naman magtext back kung may sabon ang kamay mo no?  You get the drift?

Wala sa hulog!  Parang she feels I have all the time for her.  I pity her, though,.  She has a womanizer for a husband.  She is lonely.  I feel that she thinks she is getting that attention from me. Owgash!

Hayan, naibuhos ko na!  This has been bugging me for the past days, so at least there is a catharsis.  I haven't been texting her, but I read from ger FB status na may patama sa akin..kesyo, one word is enough daw to express and assurance...chuva tienes.

Another mental masturbation on my part.

Salamat sa pakikinig.


  1. Papa G, yah, you must have misled her when you did that harmless flirt. just ignore her, or better, change your mobile number..

  2. I wish I could change my mobile is post-paid eh...and I have a lot of contacts sa number na yun...hays!


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