Monday madness: Eric Dane

I was watching Valentines Day movie on HBO yesterday and found this delicious hunk!

Eric Dane played the role of Sean Jackson, a retiring football superstar, and surprised the press during his press conference by admitting, without batting an eyelash, that he is gay (as Sean).

And I liked what sports TV reporter Kelvin Moore, played by Jamie Foxx , said:
"I will be standing behind your back -- metaphorically."

This made my manic Monday!


  1. he's mcsteamy in grey's anatomy. you should check him out in that series.

  2. he actually has a scandal. he showed everything on a sex tape. i have to admit, i drooled over it.

  3. Mr. Hush, I am not a fan of Grey's anatomy kasi...hehehe...pero mukhang magiging fan ako.

    meron ka pang access sa sex tape na yan? hehe.


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