Advisory on new blogger dashboard and CSS/HTML editing

I thought I was in for a good ride using the new blogger dashboard.  I wanted to make my blog look like I wanted it to be--colorful, different, etc...but then, I could not edit the HTML and CSS online!  you need to download the template you uploaded and edit it with the HTML/ text editor.

This is making me nuts!  It would have been easier to customize online because you can easily check if the new template you uploaded works or not.  Darn!

Anyway, I am back to the Template Designer--[sad...].  I have no time to edit the HTML, then upload, then download, then edit, etc...

Now I feel so un-free and limited!

So before your dashboard changes, better be able to decide on your blog layout and design and edit your HTML already before you encounter this problem.   Component layout is not a problem though. You just need to drag the elements.


  1. Maybe they did that... para mapilitang magkaroon ng backup ang mga nag-eedit ng HTML?

  2. hahaha natuwa naman ako sa 'masturbated on this'! :) na imagine ko nagmasturbate while reading this post! ;p

  3. @Xall, yup, and maybe the blog templates being uploaded in is creating havoc to their system.

    @Mr. Hush Hush...LOL! Kanina ko lang pinalitan...hehe


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